About Endo Architectural Atelier

Endo Architectural Atelier is a design office headed by Kenichiro Endo, an architect hailing from Otaru City in Hokkaido.
From days of old, human beings have built buildings and cities in their quest to actualize all sorts of different spaces, seeking to create a Natural Life Style.
Architecture started from the desire for safety in the form of shelters and has evolved into its current incarnation along a journey aiming for ever more comfortable environments. Planning in architecture requires the consideration of an array of elements. And these elements change dramatically depending on the people who will live in or use the building.
- Easy to use and streamlined, including energy usage
- High quality spaces highlighting the unique qualities of Japanese culture
- A comfortable and form fitting sense of scale and spatial composition
- A relaxing environment as your lifestyle base
- We create ideal and unique structures valuing the above elements and with full consideration given to the people we have met in various situations as well as the relationship to and power of the building site.
By pursuing perfection with the above elements in the forefront of our minds, we infuse each location with meaning and construct strong spaces and buildings that bring locations and people together.
There are many pathways to ideas for creating a unique and high quality space that resonates with all of the five senses, a "Live Space" that fully takes into consideration the strengths of the building site environment.
In addition to creating space designs, Endo Architectural Atelier also organizes the points requisite to each specific building, soars above the physical solutions to those points into the realm of creative production, and offers planning that is comprehensively balanced.
We offer ideal proposals within an optimal cost balance from the customer viewpoint and build designs based on those proposals.

Company Profile

Endo Architectural Atelier Co., Ltd.
Date founded
March 1994
20-1-18, Kita4-jo Nishi, Sapporo Shi Chuo Ku, Hokkaido, 064-0824, Japan
Registration number
Level 1 Architect Design Office, Hokkaido Governor Registration No. 4584
Telephone number
Fax number
Home design-inspection, project management, planning, design, and supervision
Architecture design-inspection, project management, planning, design, and supervision
City planning -inspection, project management, planning, design, and supervision
Interior design-inspection, project management, planning, design, and supervision
Exterior planning -inspection, project management, planning, design, and supervision
Furniture, furnishings and sign design


20-1-18, Kita4-jo Nishi, Sapporo Shi Chuo Ku, Hokkaido, 064-0824, Japan

Car: 57 minutes on the Hokkaido Expressway from New Chitose Airport
Car: 10 minutes by car from JR Sapporo Station

Representative profile

Kenichiro Endo

Born in Otaru
Graduated from Hokkaido Otaru Choryo High School
Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Musashi Institute of Technology
(currently called Tokyo City University)
Completed the Masters Course in the Department of Architecture at Musashino Art University (Advisor: Minoru Takeyama)
Entered Minoru Takeyama Architectural Organization Office
Launched First Class Architect Office Endo Architectural Design Office, Y.K.
Changed office name to Endo Architectural Atelier, Y.K.
Transitioned from a limited company to a stock company
Certifications and memberships
  • Class One Minister of Construction Registration, No. 221159
  • Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Registered Architect, No. 20401109, Head Office Director, Hokkaido Branch Head
  • BIS (Building Insulation Specialist) Certification
  • Association of Risk Management Certified Risk Manager
  • Hokkai Gakuen University, Part Time Lecturer
  • Architectural Institute of Japan, Hokkaido Branch, Member
  • Hokkaido Association of Architectural Firms, Member
  • NPO Otaru Works Representative
Japan Institute of Architects, Hokkaido Branch Secretary General
Japan Institute of Architects, Hokkaido Branch Assistant Branch Chief
2016 onward
Japan Institute of Architects, Head Office Director, Hokkaido Branch Head
Committee memberships, activities, etc.
Architectural Institute of Japan Hokkaido Branch Permanent Council Member
Higashikagura Town Urban Design Scenery Committee Member
2014 onward
Otaru History and Nature Centered Urban Design Scenery Council Member


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    建築の持つ力に興味があります。 創ることはいろいろな”きっかけ”をつくることができますが、より多くその”きっかけ”をご提案して オーナー様へのクオリティはもちろん、それを超える良い意味での想定外が生まれるようにご協力できればと考えております。

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