We believe in the power of architecture

  Architecture is something that creates something from where there once was nothing and goes on to "enrich" the lives of people as well as the community, society, and the times. This is what we believe.
  And one element linked to that enrichment is a "Natural Life Style." Because human beings are a part of nature as well, we do need a place that is appropriate for natural life.

  A bounty of spaces that fuses nature with the textures created by Japanese architecture and moments that fit and link with the identities humans hold dear move our hearts and energize our lives.
  This is exactly why architects must think not only in terms of the nuts and bolts physical aspects of building, but also always focus as well on assessing situations from the standpoint of the question, "What is the most possible comfortable environment?" This might encompass things like the climate and natural environment, the history and culture of the area, and the unique outlook of the people involved. Our job is to analyze and understand each one of those elements in a detailed fashion and assemble them in an intricate framework together with the "hard" aspects (like materials, structure, functionality, and shape). We believe that this is the only pathway that leads to the true essence of the "Natural Life Style" that each person seeks.

  It is our sincere desire that people who live in, gather in, or experience buildings we have been involved in will feel a common sense of "pleasantness," "satisfaction," and "invigoration" awake in their hearts together. We aim for that kind of excellence in a wide array of fields, from homes to clinics, medical facilities, commercial facilities, public facilities, and on to city design, environment design, and even society design as well. By teaming up with us as architectural partners, we very much hope you will enjoy a sense of, "This is going to be fun," and, "This will enrich our lives."

RESIDENCE PhilosophyOur approach to homes

Homes that "energize" with a heartwarming aesthetic

  A home is, fundamentally, a place for family. Thus, the most important thing is to first thoroughly understand the needs of the family. Then, after going even deeper to understand relationships among family members and relationships between the family members and areas in the home, we go on to create a spatial environment in which those family members can live in the utmost comfort. One element that is important for that is the site environment.

  With a focus on elements like the movement of the sun, the flow of the wind, and the visible landscape and cityscape, incorporating light and scenery into the spatial environment and bringing out the natural appeal, uniqueness, and potential of the site environment is important.
  Also, there are questions like what will the sunlight angle be in midsummer, for example. Or, how much sunlight will enter the room and how hot will that get? How long should the eaves be to not let too much sunlight shine through? What are the best specifications for insulation, performance, and comfortable materials to counter that? Based in a scientific approach, we adjust and design the overall project giving attention to each single detail as professional engineers.

  Because a home is a place that family members will use for a long time, another thing we pay close attention to is incorporating elements that will resonate with human curiosity such as surprises, new discoveries, and changes. Though we work in close communication with the family, in our role as a creative consultant we also strive to build structures, spaces, and environments that exceed your very imagination. With a firm grasp of the site environment, the desires of the family, and the demands of the architectural process, we create each element individually with comprehensive thought given to material and a sense of scale, from the creation of light and scenery to the design of furniture and details. And through this process, a comfortable overall homestead that harmonizes with your entire heart and soul is created, and a singular, natural living space is born. This is our philosophy.

MEDICAL FACILITIES PhilosophyOur approach to clinics and medical facilities

Building structures that patients and users will choose

  Places that fix problems and pains, that is what clinics and medical facilities are. Because these are places where people with stress and sadness come, what is important is building a space that that exudes a sense of cleanliness, kindness, and sincerity to ease stress, sooth, and relax visitors. And in the case of places like dental clinics where patients stay for relatively short periods of time, we also add attractive elements like beauty and gorgeous decor.

  Another important element is the ability of the structure to convey the proper message. Standing alongside all sorts of other multipurpose facilities, a format, design, and message that will inspire patients and users to select your facility is absolutely necessary. Simultaneously, it should be a building that is loved and much used by people in the community. On the other hand, in addition to considerations about patients and users, another essential element is the viewpoint of the employees and staff who use the space. Of course it should be hygienic, easy to use, and have functionalities that reduce mistakes and are efficient in use. These are equally necessary requisites. Furthermore, because this is an environment in which complex elements must be highly streamlined and organized, we feel that a pleasant space which values natural light is also needed.

  While collating all of these various requisites needed for clinics and medical facilities, we also incorporate your basic philosophies, vision for the future, and unique ideas and personality as well and combine all of this to create a single "structure that patients and users will choose to use." Currently, medical science is undergoing a call for revolutionary features for a new age, including things like subdivided specialist fields and preventative medicine. The question is how to express a future medical treatment environment in architecture and space. We look forward to answering that together with you.

VILLA PhilosophyOur approach to vacation homes

The "ultimate relaxation space" nestled within the natural environs

  A vacation home is "another home" built as a place to stay outside of the home where you live your normal life, and as such its essential nature is that of something special, outside of your daily experience. It can be a place that you visit for a set period of time to escape the heat or cold, or even a place to refresh from daily fatigue while enjoying swims in the ocean, walks in the forest, or wintertime skiing. The most important attraction of a vacation home is its ability to completely free you from daily life in this busy modern world and relax your body and soul while also thoroughly energizing you through its gift of encompassing nature.

  What we view as most important when designing a vacation house is creating a relaxing space that accents the surrounding natural environs to the maximum. You should be able to always feel the waxing and waning of sunlight, wind, rain, and snow with all five senses and experience firsthand the presence of nature as the massive, relaxed global environment that it is. We believe that what is needed here is a space in which you can feel a deep calm that is richer than that experienced in daily life, a sense of peace that is more pronounced than in normal design. While fully analyzing the individual characteristics of the site, we assess the number of people who will be using the house and your own personal taste and preferences and use that as a base to construct a relationship between each room and the angle and volume of light absorbed by the building in different seasons and times of the day. Fully enjoying meals surrounded by nature is the ultimate pleasure when spending time at a vacation home, and a dining room and kitchen perfect for that is another requisite space. We will work together with you to create the "ultimate relaxation space" optimally nestled within its natural surroundings.

  On the other hand, for a home built within the bountiful environs of the natural world, the power of nature itself can sometimes be a threat. And another feature of the vacation house is long periods of disuse. When we plan a vacation house, we feel that another prime requisite is a "tough construction" that is as maintenance free as possible even under the most severe instances of local environment, excellent in terms of security, and safe in terms of equipment and facilities.
  For relaxing spaces that will definitely become more and more necessary in this bustling modern society, we plan to continue pursuing the ultimate in comfort possessing an intimate connection with nature as well as a rich peace of mind on a level you could only achieve at your vacation house.

COMMERCIAL FACILITIES PhilosophyOur approach to commercial facilities

Uncovering the essence of "a place where people gather" and building a treasure for the community

  Commercial facilities are, by nature, "places where people gather," and we feel that they are fundamental environments without which people could not live their lives. They are places that provide people with clothing, food, and items needed for daily life, spice up lifestyles, and add fun as well as enjoyment. On the other hand, you can also think of them as miniatures of society that people have constructed in each era in which values, lifestyle choices, morals, and hierarchies are complexly layered.

  When designing a commercial facility, fully analyzing a program that incorporates a complex influx of multifaceted people, things, and information and creating "an atmosphere that makes visitors want to enter and feel the need to come back again" within a reasonable cost is important. We also feel that the ideal spatial design is one in which the staff can work easily and in which the services offered increase in value. The size of the space and composition of the facilities must be set extremely carefully with attention given to these points. Furthermore, we also believe in the importance of constantly revising materials and technology from the foundation up and creating places ideal for pioneers of a new age to gather.

  This is because we believe that, instead of merely following the current trends, it is actually the act of constantly exploring and refining an understanding of the nature of universal elements for commercial facilities that gives birth to a space which can resonate in the hearts of a multitude of different kinds of people. The challenge is to generate a sense of attraction that reverberates to the greatest extent possible in the hearts of everyone who visits the facilities. We uncover the essence of your facility, including things like local flavor, environmental sensitivity, comfort, functionality, and the symbolism and beauty as a building and interlace frameworks that connect people together. And in that process, we feel it is important to construct facilities in line with their purpose and uses as community locations and aim for an environment design that will attract visitors and be thought of as a "treasure" by local area residents.

PUBLIC FACILITIES PhilosophyOur approach to public facilities

"Public structures rich in creativity" lead the way

  Public structures have an array of roles for regional environment maintenance. In this nuclear-family oriented, aging society with a decreasing amount of new children, housing, assembly facilities, and halls are extremely important facilities serving as spaces for people in the region to feel safe about living in, gather in as regional hubs, and use for facilitating communication. They need to have durability as public properties, they must be energy conserving, and they must facilitate attractive purposes and operation programs that all ages can enjoy. Particularly in these times when population is constantly decreasing and regional regeneration is a genuine need, what is essential is the creation of a new, attractive living environment in which people can once again live bountifully in the community.

1. Creation of needed facility content
2. Creation of enjoyable operation programs in which people of all ages can mix
3. Creation of community landmark buildings that unify the people
4. Creation of facilities that are loved and admired by children and adults
5. Creation of community treasures, i.e. resources (the "hard" aspect) and people / culture (the "soft" aspect)
6. Creation of durable and comfortable spaces
7. Creation of energy conservation, sustainability, and a low carbon environment

  In a future of an ever evolving information and traffic flow leading to overconcentration in cities, there is potential for the actualization of a new, energetic kind of regional community that utilizes the various resources and unique attributes of its specific region. It is our sincere hope that "public structures rich in creativity" will lead the way as one important facilitator for this.