Call for new staff members and part time workers

Endo Architectural Atelier is currently looking for designing staff members and part time workers.
Endo Architectural Atelier is an architectural design office that launched in March 1994. Out of our current headquarters in Nishino, Nishi Ward, Sapporo City, we are involved in about 20-30 architectural design and supervisory service projects per year, focusing mainly on housing, clinics, vacation homes, condominiums, and commercial facilities.

We conduct architectural design, focusing mainly on the following 8 areas. Via the creation of new living spaces and cityscape design, we aim to present society with concepts that lead into the future through the power of architecture.

1. The creation of living spaces as the foundation of architecture, constructed as environments infused with detail and overflowing with human happiness
2. The creation of beautiful cityscapes and attractive locations for people to gather in communities
3. The creation of comfortable, high quality architecture that arouses a sensibility of harmony with the natural environment
4. The proposal of architectural potential through the analysis of a complex context responsive to social changes and phenomena
5. The creation of a sustainable environment that scientifically considers the environmental characteristics of the region (light, temperature and humidity, topography, etc.)
6. The establishment of solid design through high-level scientific and technological reasoning that integrates elements like concept planning, structure, facilities, heat environment, landscape
7. The generation of communities rich in natural culture and history
8. The proposal of concepts that actualize each individual program with the optimal space

In recent years we have been expanding the scope of our work into new domains, including public buildings. We are advancing on our journey of renovation, aiming to constantly be a design office that serves as a creative group which can unlock the kind of architectural potential needed for the time and by the community. Against that backdrop, we are now keenly looking for new human resources with future potential and an interest in architecture and city design.

We provide a work environment conducive to focusing on designs and plans with peace of mind, and this of course includes staff employee benefits (employee pension, social insurance, and complete employee insurance package). Moreover, in order to further improve our planning and design environment, we are also advancing with the design of a new office space in Chuo Ward, Sapporo City, aiming for completion within the 2018 fiscal year. We want you to pursue together with us the ideal poise for a new architectural design office that can construct the future of Hokkaido and Japan, and work together with us to create that kind of a company. We employ many staff members with a wealth of experience and provide a positive company environment that encourages employees to ask even the most seemingly insignificant questions without any need for hesitation. So feel free to come see us do what we do with orientation and open desk opportunities.
We look forward to hearing from people with intense interest in architecture.

Design staff positions

Age, career history, years of experience Not applicable
Days off
Sundays, holidays, every other Saturday In addition, payed leave, summer vacation, and winter vacation are available
Transportation allowance
Payments available
Twice a year
Employee benefits
Social insurance, employee pension, worker's compensation insurance Full package

Applicants who can come right away will receive priority consideration. The start day is negotiable.

Part time positions

Age, career history, years of experience Not applicable
Transportation allowance
Payments available

Applicants who can come right away will receive priority consideration. The start day is negotiable.

We ask design staff and part time work applicants to send resumes (indicating any certification and your career history, award history, software you can use, etc.) by e-mail (or postal mail). If you have a portfolio that you can send by e-mail, please attach that to your resume e-mail (we accept both digital data and printed materials sent by postal mail). If you pass the document survey stage, we will contact you regarding your interview.

e-mail address

*Data sent to us for job application will not be used for any purpose other than the current screening for hiring.

Open desk

In general open desk opportunities are available any time, although there might be times when scheduling may be an issue. Send us an e-mail indicating your organization, contact information, schedule preferences, etc. You can experience firsthand the business flow of an architecture office with opportunities including project assistance, presentation preparation with aspects like models and rendering, and observing at various work sites.