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Privacy policy
What is private information?
Herein, we define private information is information related to a person and consists of information that can identify a specific person, such as names, birth dates, gender, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, careers, workplace.
Collecting and using private information
We collect and use private information only for the following purposes and only within that scope.
The private information we collect and use is offered voluntarily from customers. When a customer supplies us with private information, this constitutes permission by the customer to use that private information in accordance with this policy.
- When required for design and supervision services
- For the provision of information thought to be beneficial or necessary to the customer
- In order to respond to inquiries
Supply of private information to a third party
We will never disclose or supply any private information to a third party without legitimate grounds such as the requirements of laws or regulations, without prior consent from the person to which the information refers.
Exemption from private information nondisclosure obligations
We never disclose private information other than property information to a third party. However, if we receive a formal request for disclosure from a legal organization (a court, the police, etc.), we may disclose information in response without obtaining consent from the customer.

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