SKY HOUSE Futagoyama

RESIDENCE / 住宅・マンション

Completion year
The site is located in the residential area of ​​Ishikari city in Hokkaido.
It is a house of iron that emphasizes the horizontal feeling, long horizontally to the road. Because the owner was in charge of work related to the ironworks, iron members could be used freely.
So we thought about using the iron texture in housing design.
Not only for use as a structure but also for use as a design in various parts, the outside is a castle that protects the family, the interior aimed to be a place to gently wrap the family.
The iron flat screen randomly placed on the outer wall of the front strongly takes advantage of the iron's sharpness in the design, but it shadows inside the trees like the trees sunlight through the trees.
It took a long time to examine the pattern of the screen.
We repeatedly thought about what is inevitable and what gives comfort, such as screens of plates with various angles, screens with uniformly arranged round pipes, moving screens and so on.
In addition, the flat iron plate with depth also serves to moderately adjust the sunlight from the south.
Iron flat plate is also used for the retaining wall surrounding the garden and emphasizes the horizontal feeling of the building.
I am trying to adopt the iron round material in the stairs inside, and to use the strength of iron without discomfort at various places.
Vertical horizontal iron screen adds strength to building and iron shadow adds delicacy to building.